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Finola Burrell is an experienced physiotherapist with specialities including Pilates, acupuncture and spinal manipulations. 

With a wealth of experience in the sports and dance environment, she understands what is required in this competitive environments and works closely with her clients not only to treat the presenting problem, but also to prevent future issues.

 Finola aims to bring the most up to date evidence based treatment not only to her clients, but also to the general public through blog posts and social media. With many ‘experts’ in health and fitness out there, it is important to tackle the myths and give factual information in order to stay fit, healthy and active.

Working closely with other health professionals such as surgeons, dieticians and personal trainers, Finola provides a holistic approach to treatment.

Finola has recently joined with Capital Physio and is now based in Chiswick and central London.